Autumn Lipstick Wish List | Makeup

Autumn is literally one of my favourite seasons of the year and I get way to super excited when I can finally start whipping out theΒ berry toned shades and today was that day. I just love a bold, dark lip and it really can pull a whole outfit/makeup look in. Even if you’re wearing something so simple, it just makes you feel that whole lot fancier! πŸ˜€πŸ’‹

Now it’s time to start looking into the new shades and brands out for this years Autumnal lipstick collection and my oh my I am very excited. I will always have one of my number one favourites and that has to be the Rimmel 107, it’s just the prettiest lipstick shade and so long lasting! Now, onto a little Wish List of pretty shades!

8997976997918.jpgOn a quick side note, these are really gorgeous liquid Matte Lipsticks and a perfect shade for the Autumnal season! These are from most high street drug stores such as Superdrug or Boots and are only Β£8.99 with a buy one and get one half price on Superdrug (good excuse to get two)

8964164157470.jpgAnother Revlon product but this one is a super dark purple and is so Vampy and would be perfect for Autumn. This is the shade Black Cherry 477 which sounds so Autumnal to me! I always love these colours matched with a good old Mustard coloured jumper or tee with of course a classic tartan scarf. Revlon have so many pretty shades to choose from and again with that offer from Superdrug, I’m sure you won’t run out of options to pick from.


Like I said previously, this is the best Autumnal lipstick! It is super affordable at only Β£5.49 and comes in the prettiest most perfect shade which is super long lasting. I wore this (Rimmel 107) shade today during an Afternoon Tea where many cups of tea and cake was consumed with no smudges, no lipstick on teeth and no topping up was needed until towards the end of the day. This is currently has been and is my go to lipstick shade for Autumn.


This has such pretty packing for lipstick and doesn’t look cheap at all which is nice in a lipstick. There is nothing better then holding onto a well designed and well made lipstick, I can’t stand the really plasticly, cracky packaging that lasts 5 minutes. This is such a gorgeous colour and I’m sure will be perfect for Autumn. This is in the shade Midnight Mauve 711.

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 00.11.14.png

I have always been a fan of N07 lipsticks and have had one in the past which I really loved until I dropped it on the floor and broke it πŸ™ This is such a pretty shade and I have always liked the idea of a lip crayon! They are so lovely to apply to the lips and seem to last forever and ever until you need to buy a new one. This is in the shade Raspberry Red and is from Boots!

I am so excited to go and do a little bit of lipstick shopping and pick out a few new shades and brands! Has anyone else started wearing Autumnal lipsticks yet? If so, what brands have you been wearing or have you got one you recommend? I would love to know and check them out!





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