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Afternoon Tea is one of the cutest things to do with your family, friends or just for any random reason like I did with some of the girls from work. We visited Shendish Manor which is this beautiful Manor House with a hotel and golf course as well as some super pretty grounds. This is a place where hundreds of people get married every year and a perfect place for a photographers eye. Of course I had to take my camera along, even if it was just snapping away at the beautiful cakes we were given, it just had to be done!

Afternoon Tea 24.9.16.jpg

The stands were filled with the cutest little selection of cakes which included a sponge cake, a cheesecake and some sort of meringue pie (not a fan of meringue so couldn’t tell you what was in them!) as well as a little selection of sandwiches and scones to finish with the richest clotted cream! 🍰

Afternoon Tea 3 24.9.16 .jpg

You may be thinking “this post is pretty pointless” but I thought I would spread the ideas around and this is a cute little idea to do one afternoon, especially now the Autumn is coming and the weather will be turning. It’s something fun to do indoors and of course, cake is involved!




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