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I brought these makeup brushes after seeing another blogger blog about them and they only arrived a couple of days ago, since then I have fallen in love with how beautiful they are. I love Rose Gold, who doesn’t? I thought these would add perfectly to my makeup brush collection or even to use for photography props! There are 12 brushes in this set and they will all come in handy for eye makeup. I don’t own many eye brushes, so buying this collection has definitely boosted my options when I need a eye brush.

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Now, you’ve all seen that I have said this set was under £3 and I wasn’t lying. I picked up this set for £2.19.. YES, £2.19! It’s such a beautiful set and to be honest, my expectations weren’t very high due to how much I paid for them. You get what you pay for, but in this case that totally isn’t true. These are a great match to the Zoeva Rose Gold collection if you are wanting a dupe and to save some pennies but bare in mind some brushes don’t match up exactly to the ones you get with the Zoeva collection, but I guess this eBay collection is inspired by the Zoeva ones!

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The quality of the brushes are really good, no signs of the bristles falling out or the colour on the brush falling off like other cheap brushes, they are also free from writing on them. the brushes are soft and fluffy which is perfect for the use around your eyes. I would highly recommend this set for eBay. I would say my only down side to this set was the whole delivery and postage situation. I ended up waiting a good 2 months for these to arrive due to coming from Hong Kong so make sure you are aware of this when ordering and be prepared if they don’t come within the casual 5-7 business days. But once they arrive, they are a lovely set of brushes to own and super gorgeous with my other brushes! If you aren’t into the whole Rose Gold/dusty pink combo, you can also get these in Black and Gold which are just as pretty!

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In this collection you get a range of different assortments of brushes! From eyeshadow/concealer buffer brush, brow brushes, smudge brushes, winged eyeliner brushes, fluffy eye brushes etc! So there is lots to choose from when deciding which brush to use for your eye makeup.

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I am totally aware I need to do some makeup brush cleaning! But let me know if you pick up a set of these, you seriously can’t go wrong for £2.19! I will 100% be ordering the face collection which are just as beautiful! Or do you have the Zoeva set? What are your opinions, I would love to know! 😊💕


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    1. They’re so cheap but good quality ☺️

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