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I am so in love with Autumn/Winter lipsticks as I’m sure most of you are. I just love the way a bright and bold lip can add so much to your outfit, even if you are dressing up or down; it always just works so well. I love Berry toned lipsticks and obviously we have to wait so long to finally be able to wear them, as I’m sure you’d get some funny looks walking round with it middle of July😂 

BLOG -17.jpg

I am loving matte lipsticks right now and have really been enjoying wearing the Revlon Ultra HD products, they feel so lovely to apply and are so long lasting (see my latest review blog post on them hereand they are really moisturising surprising for a matte lip, they tend to dry your lips out quiet frequently. For these, I own the HD Addiction and HD Passion which are both really bright and bold shades. Perfect for the Autumnal season and I can honestly say, these shades work so well with all types of outfits and styles. 

BLOG -16.jpg

For those that read my blogs often or follow me on Instagram, you will know I am a big fan of Kate’s Moss Rimmel Lipsticks and defo a fan of the shades for Autumn/Winter. I own many of these lipsticks, ones that are perfect for summer, ones that are perfect for autumn/winter and then those shades that are perfect for just all year round use. I couldn’t recommend this brand of lipsticks any more and perfect for a low budget but high quality lipstick. These lipsticks are also long lasting and you can pick up a large range of different shades! My current favourites from Rimmel are for sure everyone’s favourite 107, 111 and 30. But to be fair, I love them all!❤️

BLOG -19.jpg

(From left to right: HD Passion, 107, 111, 30, 01, HD Addiction and Revlon Colour Burst in the shade Fiery) And here is the worst picture of a swatch if anyone could ever attempt! I took this whilst holding the heaviest camera on the planet with a lens that didn’t want to corporate! 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I would love to hear any Autumn/Winter lipstick recommendations! What have you been loving so far this year? I would love to know 💋




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  1. Love the kate moss 107

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, it’s such a perfect Autumnal shade! 💋


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